In what ways are the Denver Nuggets improving defensively?

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In what ways are the Denver Nuggets improving defensively?

Watching Nuggets practice, the defensive growth isn’t always in your face like a shot block – it’s more subtle like a hand in the passing lane.

Andre Iguodala, you might have heard, should improve Denver’s defense. Like, a lot. Watching practices, it’s fun to see his intensity – hands in passing lanes, deflecting passes or even just altering decisions by the offense.

“We’re trying to get our length into the defensive end of the court, from shot challenges to passing lanes to get deflections, just to disrupt,” Nuggets coach George Karl said. “Iguodala is good at that already, Wilson Chandler, Ty can be a very good interceptor. We’re trying to figure out which situations to be more aggressive in, from pick-and-rolls to double-teams to post-ups. We’re trying to get up the floor and be more aggressive.”

The Nuggets will get a nice little test on Friday – they play at the Spurs.

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